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Our Policies


Parties take place in your own home or chosen location, such as outdoor public parks, indoor party venues, and other specialty locations.  Most party themes require at least two rooms in your home and we ask that any fragile items be removed ahead of time. Once you book an event with us to be hosted in your home and pay a deposit on said event, you agree that you have homeowner's insurance that will cover any necessary liability. If you book an event with us at a third party venue, you must cover any costs for the said venue.  We are happy to consult with your location provider to ensure all the details are taken into consideration before the big day.  You are responsible for all fees, permits, reservations, rentals, etc… that may be required to host your event.


Service Area:

We provide our services to those residents living in the Dallas – Fort Worth area. If you live outside this area you are welcome to contact us to inquire about a party with a travel fee.


Age Limitations:

Our party activities are designed for kids with an active imagination.  In our experience, most 3 through 8 years olds are able to be more adventurous and partake in activities guided by someone other than their parents.  We are happy to provide parties for children turning one and two years old as well, but keep in mind that most children in this age range will need some help or supervision from their parents and we will adjust the party activities accordingly.  In addition, many of our dress up items or activities contain pieces not appropriate for those under three; please inquire about this if you have any concerns.


Food and Drink:

We request that you do not serve food or drinks that might cause stains, such as tomato-based foods, foods with cheese powder (cheese flavored chips or puffs) or fruit punch, so as to protect our costumes and linens from irreversible damage.  While we understand that accidents may occur, you may be held liable for excessively damaged items during your party.


Set Up and Clean Up Requirements:

We need one and a half hours to set up the party, and about 30 minutes to tear down and pack up.  We understand that some guests may stay longer than the two hour time period, but we strictly adhere to our schedules and will begin breaking down the party at the scheduled ending time. Unless special arrangements are made prior to the end of the party.



You are responsible for all entertainments, Inflatables, game rentals, consignments rental, etc… fees that may be required to host your event.  We will make every effort to make sure all children at a party are included and happy, but please keep in mind that we are not babysitters or caretakers.  Children younger than 3 years old need to be supervised by an adult and can partake in activities so long as they are with a caregiver.  We cannot be held responsible for accidental damage caused by a guest; if you have delicate belongings near the party space please be sure to remove them prior to your event.  Additionally, if any items in our inventory are damaged by guests at a party, or we are unable to locate any of our inventory items upon the completion of an event, the client will be held responsible for reimbursement of said items and their associated costs.


Unaccounted Guests:

We can only accommodate the number of guests that were planned for and communicated to our company ahead of time.  Any siblings that were not included in the count of guests must be supervised by their parents at all times.


No Show Guests:

We ask for a final headcount five days prior to the event.  The client is responsible for full payment for that number, regardless of the actual count at the party.


Minimum and Maximum Number of Guests:

Our parties are designed for up to 12 kids, including the birthday child.  Any guests over the 12 included will be charged at the stated rate.  More than 20 guests can be accommodated, but we do warn our clients that events with more than 20 children have a higher energy level and can feel less organized throughout the event. We are happy to structure activities accordingly for these larger events, but please note that we cannot be responsible for children that choose not to participate in activities.


Booking a Party:

Just contact us or call our office at (214)-662-9180.  Please state the date you are interested in (a range of options is preferred), the theme you are interested in, or the party package that best suits your needs.


Rush Policy:

If you are requesting a party date less than 2 weeks out, and we are able to accommodate your request, we may require a rush fee for some items in your chosen package. You will be informed of this fee at the time of booking.



A $200 deposit is required to reserve your date.  The final payment is due in full on the day of the event or can be paid at any time before the date of the event.  If you fail to make your deposit or if any payments cannot be processed in accordance with our requests we reserve the right to cancel your event.



If you must cancel your event, you can receive a full refund of your deposit if the cancellation is more than 30 days from your event date. If you cancel an event within 30 days of the date, you will be charged a $100 late cancellation fee; any payment above $100 will be refunded. If you'd like to postpone your date, we will make every effort to find an alternate date for the event. We cannot be held responsible for not providing services for a contracted obligation due to certain events that include but are not limited to Client canceling or postponing an event, bad weather, floods, tornadoes, or other widespread damage due to natural disasters, acts of government or other authorities that are beyond our control.


Privacy Policy:

“Parties by TToybox” will respect and adhere to the highest ethical standards in safeguarding any information received from or about the children at our parties.  We will not sell or rent customer information to outside marketers.  We reserve the right to use all photos for promotional purposes of “Parties by TToybox” and will not reveal any names, ages, or locations. 


Your use of this site and our services indicates acceptance of this privacy policy.

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